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Student Support Services

Social Emotional, Mental & Behavioral Health

By joining forces, schools, families, and the community can make a powerful impact on a child's well-being from the very beginning. We firmly believe that nurturing mental wellness is key to ensuring your child's success. Schools, as the primary environment where children spend most of their waking hours, understand the importance of addressing their students' mental health and social-emotional needs. Together, by taking proactive measures, we can unlock tremendous benefits.

The OUFSD employs different ways to support your child's social-emotional wellness, including the delivery of the Second Step Curriculum delivered in classrooms. In addition, school based mental health services are delivered by trained mental health professionals that are available to you in all school buildings, this includes school psychologists, school social workers and school counselors.  In addition, we have support from Andrus clinicians. A DASA Coordinator (Dignity for All Students Act) is also available in every building and is responsible for investigating and addressing issues of harassment, or any situation that threatens the emotional or physical safety of a student, including bullying.

Families who are struggling financially and are in need of supplies can reach out to one of our Family Engagement Specialists (FES) who help in #OPRIME. The FES can support you in navigating and adjusting to the school system, and link you to a variety of internal and community based resources.

If your child or you are experiencing distress, please reach out to a building administrator or one of the mental health professionals in your child's school so that we can work together.

It is important that we prioritize mental wellness and give your child the best start in life.

For more information about our Mental Health Initiatives visit Culture of Care Pilar or see the following resources:

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Culture of Care Mental Health Tip Text Line

For English: Text the keyword cares to (206) 803-6560 

For Spanish: Text the keyword cuidado to (206) 803-6560